Wednesday, June 17, 2009

K-Rino - Triple Darkness Vol. 2 (The Lyrics)

Here's one of my favorite albums by my favorite rapper. This is available on a bunch of other blogs, but what the hell - most of the Burning Minds readership haven't heard this, and thats a crime. K-Rino sits easily among the nastiest lyricists of all time. He's been in the game for over 20 years, has about as many albums, and is the founder of H-town supergroup the South Park Coalition. Yet somehow he is still underrated as fuck. Triple Darkness Vol. 2 is his 2nd album (of 4 total) from 2008, released on his own label Black Book International (so-called after the black binders in which he scribbles his material). This album is full of extremely clever wordplay, complex multi- and meta-rhymes, unusual vocabulary, hilarious punchlines, and plenty of devil-hating Nation of Islam theology. Straight hard-hitting lyrical skillz the way hip hop ought to be - proof that the South can make conscious rap just as good or better than anything from Queensbridge or Brooklyn. If you enjoy lyrical rap you need to get this right now. You'll thank me.

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