Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Contropotere - Nessuna Speranza Nessuna Paura LP

One-of-a-kind experimental punk made by like 9 Italian squatters. Contropotere is really fucking bizarre and you will probably not enjoy it. Dual female vocals (not to be tokenizing) and strangely structured songs with atypical instrumentation. This would completely alienate most crust kids I know - a rare virtue. Their name translates as "counterpower", and apparently they were heavily involved in the Napoli autonomist movement during the 90s.

This is is their first LP, which came out in 1989 on Attack Punk. They released a demo tape, an EP, and an additional LP, all of which are available on other blogs. Oh yeah, and a CD of fucked up techno. After this their shows seem to have become mostly high concept performance art, which I'm sure pissed off alot of fans, which rules. Check youtube.

"Contropotere is every one of us.The power to transform us, to come into contact with our part more True, more intimate, more powerful person.To transform us to be able to transform.To pass from what risks becoming a simple game, a possibility without potentiality, in something serious, less spectacular perhaps, less recognizable and catalogabile as the spirit that continues and it animates…the power that every one of us has as potential of transformation.Every form to be able imposes.Easy to be authoritarian to the outside of us.Difficulty to be with ourselves.Difficult because the correct street.The power on if same is the first footstep toward the change.The transformation through our transformation.The self-discipline that becomes management of own power.That natural power as a lightning that doesn’t recognize external authority to itself, but it recognizes that every to be able is balanced to the other, that every living being is connected to the other…in a delicate equilibrium.The reality, further to be a fascinating mystery is very hard and Raw / the life that we live is a stage on which all recite a part looking for the more possible than to be comfortable..."

Some dude on the Profane Existence message board hosted this, I can't take credit. I don't own it cause this album is out of print as fuck.



Michael Ray-Von said...

inquisitor is perfect. thank you!

toxik boys said...

your blog is great man, really great!

Anonymous said...

The cover reminds me of the cast from 'Cannibal Holocaust' made by the Italians.

Thanks for uploading this stuff.


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dirty judas said...

what is the name of the "techno" one?

outlaw said...

the "techno" album - not really an accurate description - is called CP/01 (Cyborg 100%). its from 1994 and was self-released. i'm glad you asked cause it gives me a chance to plug a sweet blog that links to us: http://blotsz.blogspot.com

you can get the album there. the guy even included the lyrics and scans of the artwork, nice! be sure to thank him

outlaw said...

ps - deeply sorry for assuming gender. the blotsz owner may or may not identify as male