Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Klubs - Midnight Love Cycle (1968)

I found out about The Klubs completely by chance, stumbling across their album labeled as that of the "Best Freakbeat band ever," Freakbeat being the psychedelic variant of the Merseybeat sound most famously represented on the Beatles' earliest recordings. While I am hardly enough of an authority to verify this claim, it is hands down one of the best undiscovered gems of the late 60's UK psych scene, a melodic, fuzzy exploration fusing an early rock'n'roll backbeat with spacey vocals and eerie guitarwork. Throw in some of the warmest lo-fi production imaginable and one of the very best cuts of the era ("Can't Ebenezer See My Mind") and you've got yourself an unqualified forgotten classic. The expanded CD edition includes alternate versions and some unreleased tracks from subsequent spin-offs.

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edit: I left out Tracks #13-17 - some live versions from a 1999 reunion show - in order to post the album to Sharebee. At your collective request, here they are.


Anonymous said...

Very nice, but where are tracks #13 through #17?

Swill said...

I edited the post, they're available as a supplement now. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!

zappahead said...

Im convinced you are a person of good taste....therefore I will take up your offer and listen to this.....thank you for this....and your excellent blog.